Accepting new challenges and innovating has always been part of Tiber Pack‘s DNA.

The most important challenge of our time is to create increasingly sustainable products and processes, reducing their environmental and economic impact. To achieve these objectives it’s necessary to be flexible in our thinking and actions, and why not seize new opportunities.

Tiber Pack has once again decided to do its part and is pleased to announce the start of a project that will launch Nicetuck in the packaging market.

Nicetuck represents a new packaging concept, and a new automatic case packing concept which will eliminate the use of hot-melt glue and adhesive tape.

As the advantages in terms of sustainability, cost-effectiveness, and simplicity of the process were immediately evident, the efforts of our Research & Development team immediately intensified, with the aim of making the Nicetuck concept available to our partners as soon as possible.

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Nicetuck is a patent pending solution by Tiber Pack.