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Packagings made with CA

A top-loading machine for American cases (FEFCO 201, 200 and 209). When used in combination with the lidding module, it can also create tray+lid packages.
Can pack either flat or standing products. Special applications are available upon request. Large capacity, easy-to-load carton store. Highly accessible, ergonomic and user-friendly thanks to the large HMI panel. The machine envisages conformity checks on incoming products and outgoing packaging.
The CA-S/D can be fitted with package sealing systems based on PVC tape, Hot-Melt, or both used in combination.
All machines can be equipped with automatic format changer.

Packagings made with BRF-4

Machine to insert flexible products such as pillow packs into plastic baskets, trays or plateaus. Thanks to the use of robots and gripper systems specifically designed for the product, it is possible to achieve various configurations and arrangements. The machine enables conformity checks on incoming products thanks to integrated vision systems. Extremely compact and versatile, the BFR-4 features superb flexibility and easy handling of instructions. Highly accessible, easy to clean, ergonomic and user-friendly thanks to the large, multi-function HMI panel. The BFR-4 can be fitted with different packaging management modules and numerous accessories to increase its degree of customization to meet your needs.